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Campanario Cabins

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About us

Hoteles Campanario is a local hotel chain in the city of La Serena, about 500 kilometers north of Santiago de Chile. It has 2 properties located in the heart of the coastal area, just steps away from the beach. Each property caters to a different style of traveler: couples, families, groups and business people will find a perfect place to enjoy this gorgeous destination.

Our History

Twenty-five years ago, when La Serena began to position itself as the new resort city of Chile, Hoteles Campanario was born to provide a high level hotel alternative in the heart of the beach area. What started as a small Boutique Hotel with only 14 rooms, evolved over the years into a 35 rooms hotel and a complex of holiday cabins, both characterized by its modern infrastructure and awesome location, just steps away from one of the best beaches in Chile

This diversity of properties was designed to meet the needs of a wide range of visitors: from the passenger who seeks the calm and personalized attention of a boutique hotel, to families or groups that require comfort and calm to rest and have fun.

Campanario del Mar Hotel

The origin of this great dream is Hotel Campanario del Mar, built under a typical colonial architecture of La Serena, which has become an icon of the city. In 2015 we decided to modernize our infrastructure to satisfy today´s demanding travellers and we embarked on a growth and remodelling project that culminated in 35 spacious and modern rooms and a spectacular restaurant for 120 people that has the best possible view of the ocean. That same year we integrated the beautiful and comfortable Cabañas Campanario, as an alternative for families that seek to combine the independence of an equipped cabin with the comfort of the hotel´s service.

Today our two complexes, each in its own style, have positioned themselves as the best alternative for rest and entertainment in La Serena, offering personalized service and delivering the best in tourism products that the region has to offer.

Cabañas Campanario

Our Mission:

Hoteles Campanario’s Company has been dedicated for over 25 years to the operation and administration of hotel complexes, which are distinguished by their special location and infrastructure. We work to deliver an excellent hotel experience to our passengers, recognized by the quality of our service, which offers a warm, personalized and smart stay.

Our Vision:

At Hoteles Campanario we work permanently to contribute to the development of the tourism industry of Coquimbo’s region. Through excellence in service and a great concern for details, we are truly committed to achieving the full satisfaction of our passengers. We believe that sustainable development is the only possible way to achieve our goals and dreams; therefore we put our community’s growth and the preservation of the environment at the heart of everything we do.

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